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Billy Thomas

How It All Began
In 1995, while serving as a missionary in East Africa, I returned to Colorado Springs, to be with my sister and brother in law, Bill Thomas. Bill, a former Detective for the Colorado Springs Police department died of Non-Hodgkins lymphomas. During this time, I saw many others who were from out of town, and needed a place to stay while receiving medical treatment. I was impressed by their need. The Thomas House consists of two, two bedroom apartments one block from Memorial Main, and serve as homes away from home.

Contributed By: Cheri Orange, Founder, The Thomas House, Colorado Springs, CO

Why Such a Need Exists
Mildred Mildred is currently receiving 5 weeks of TomoTherapy at Memorial Cancer Center. Her home is in Scott City Kansas which is 240 miles from Colorado Springs. "I am on a limited income and having a place to stay while receiving treatment would have helped me financially" "There are so many wonderful people here in Colorado that I have had contact with and I am happy to assist other patients and the Thomas House in any way." "Thank you for all you are doing"

Contributed By: Debbie Broeking, MSW Medical Social Work Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO

Statistics from UC Health Cancer Center
The Cancer Center assists five to seven long term patients each month to find appropriate lodging. Treatment normally takes four to five weeks, but can take up to seven weeks. The Cancer Center is expecting more patients because it has the only TomoTherapy in a five state area.

Mission Statement

"The mission of The Thomas House is to live our Christian values by providing comfortable housing assistance for cancer patients."

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